Anna’s apple cake


Here I am again, I am really loving baking vegan cakes… I thought of presenting this variant to my Anna’s cake making it even softer, sweeter, more fragrant and with that amazing scent of apples and oranges..  On top of it all, it is extremely easy to prepare it, just like any Anna’s cake. The list of ingredients your are going to need are those of my ever successful Anna’s cake with the following changes applied to it.tortamele.JPG
2 Golden delicious cut into very thin slices
the juice of a big lemon that was used for its zest, it had to be juiced on the slices of apple as soon as you’ve cut it
the juice of half a very sweet orange
That’s it! As you can see from this picture there isn’t that much of it left… It was that good, soft, sweet and fragrant that if you don’t eat it fast enough someone else will do it for you! 🙂

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