Nicoletta’s Pastry Dough


On Sundays I sometime prepare stuff which I can freeze and then use during the week, when there’s often little time for cooking. This dough is one of those things, it is wonderful for quiches, pies¬† and the like. The recipe is from my dearest friend Nicoletta!


600 gr flour

1 plastic cup vegetable oil

1 plastic cup soy milk or other milk substitute

1 plastic cup dry white wine

20 gr salt


Just mix the ingredients and tha’t it! As for the plastic cup, Nicoletta uses a normal plastic cup filled up to the end of the lines (see the photo below). It should be around 120 gr but I suggest using the cup! This dough can be filled with cherry tomatoes and smoked tofu, with spinach and tofu, with veggie hot dogs, artichokes hearts, mushrooms and thick bechamel sauce, or any other filling your fantasy suggests! I didn’t take any photo because I freezed the dough for the week.

Chef: Paola from VeganBlog

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