Ascanio’s Tofucake


This is a juicy cake I made for my boyfriend’s birthday, last month. I do not particularly  like cakes, I have, to say but, you know, there are some special occasions. As I usually do, I’ve been searching for a while on the internet, and in the end I combined all the recipes I found – I was looking for something yummy but low fat.


(for the filling)

– 350 gr of tofu

– desiccated coconut flakes (to taste)

– juice of 2 limes

– sugar, malt…anything you like to make it sweet

– agar agar powder, I used 2 spoons, but follow recommendations on the product

– lemon & basil to decorate 

(for the base)

– 1 cup of mixed nuts

– 1 small pear (explanation follows….)

– flax seeds (not necessary)

– 2 spoons of malt (to make the mixture “sticky”)


I’ve mixed and wisked the nuts, seeds and the pear. I used the pear as I needed something to add volume to the mixture – I did not want to use cookies or more nuts, as I said I was trying to create a fairly low fat cake. You may use other fruit (without a distinctive or too stroong flavour, I would recommend) or more nuts, as you wish. When everything was blended I added 2 spoons of malt. I poured the mixture in a terrine: to ease the “extraction” of the cake, I put a film between the terrine itself and the mixture.

Now, the filling. I blended coconut and tofu. In a pan, I heated the lime joice, together with a bit of coconut (to taste…) and a spoon of water. As it started caramelizing I added the agar agar powder. I stirred for a minute and I mixed the mixture with the tofu & coconut. Then, I poured the filling over the base. As I served it the following evening, I put the whole thing in  the fridge  – also, this had helped the “extraction” of the cake form the terrine the following morning. I put the cake in the fridge in the morning to serve it in the evening – just half an hour before serving, I decorated it as you see in the pics.

My boy did really like it! He didn’t even want to cut it, not to spoil it 😛

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