Beans salad


This salad has been a true revelation! My boyfriend and me found it fantastic! It’s very mexican style…it’s fresh and really yummy!


1 onion

1 lime

cherry tomatoes (to taste)

1 capsicum

1 can of mixed beans

1 can of mais

paprika (to taste)




extra virgin olive oil





I cooked the vegetables separately in a pan: chopped cherry tomatoes with chilli, capsicums, garlic, curry, onion and I left them cool. Then I mixed them with beans and mais. I seasoned the salad with lime juice, olive oil, paprika and I stirred vigorously. I let the salad rest for some hours: the more you leave it rest, the more tasty it will be.

O God, the lime juice is really fantastic! I genuinely loved it 🙂

Chef: LaSarda from Veganblog

  1. EleonoraNW3 17 July 2010 at 19:18

    It really looks fresh! It must be a real blessing in these hot days :-). I’ll definitely try it out!

  2. Pizza pie 19 July 2010 at 08:19

    I love recipes of LaSarda from Veganblog: they are always good ideas and light and with very nice pictures! Well done to translate this one here! 🙂

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