Summer Tart



(for the pastry)

– 150gr organic wholewheat cookies

– apple juice (as needed)

(for the cream)

– 100gr peeled almonds

-agave syrup

– 1/2l apple juice

– 1/2 l water

– 10gr agar agar

– lemon zest

(to decorate)

– 1 punnet of strawberries

– 1 punnet of ribes

– cocoa

– agave syrup


Crumble the cookies and wet them with the water juice. Lay them evenly at the base of a cake tin. Put them in the freezer for 20min.

Grind the almonds with a coffee grinder. In the meantime, mix all the liquid ingredients in a small pan, with lemon zest, ground almonds, agave syrup (I don’t really know the quantity…I just kept on tasting until I liked it), agar agar and let the mixture cook until the latter is completely melted. If you have, as I had, the whole seaweed, I recommend you to soak it with some water 30min before using.Let the mixture cool for a while. Pour it into the cake tin, over the crumbled cookies and put it in the fridge (1/2 has been enough for my tart to set completely).

Now, the easy decoration on top: lay the fruit you prefer over the tart. Prepare a mixture with agave syrup and cocoa and drizzle it over the tart.

Here the result:

I prepared this for my dad’s burthday, and I’d say he liked it quite a lot! Next time I’ll try it with two layers of cookies or using some sponge cake. Happy summer to everybody!

Chef: Marilu from Veganblog

  1. EleonoraNW3 24 July 2010 at 09:24

    VERY WELL DONE!! The cream must be so good!

  2. Chicca66 14 August 2010 at 18:05

    Fantastic this sweetness ­čśŤ

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