Caramelized Figs

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I wanted to preserve some figs for the next winter.
I was looking for an alternative to the usual jam, (my pantry is definitely well provided!)
I consulted books and the Web, I found recipes very similar to each other, I made a mix.

Excellent preparation, quick, practical, it gives the chance to enjoy this wonderful fruit in various ways.
Can be served as a dessert, maybe with vegan custard, as an original side dish, combined with vegan cheeses.
I’ll postpone the choice to the the coming winter, for the time being I select and preserve.

1 kg of figs with the petiole
300 g sugar
1/2 lemon, untreated

In a large pan, arrange the figs with the sugar and lemon, cut into small pieces.
Bring to a boil in the pan, uncovered, reduce the heat and cook slowly for about an hour, turning gently (use two tablespoons if necessary ).
Meanwhile, sterilize the  jars.
When the liquid has got a nice caramel colour and figs will be considerably softened, turn off the heat.
Arrange the figs in warm containers (I put up to five per jar, not to crush them too much).
Cover with syrup, close the jar, turn upside down and let it cool.
They’re great, not too sweet. This preparation satisfies me, I’ll be able to use them in various ways.

The result before putting them in the jars.
P.S. The cover-jars kindly gifted by Barbara, a friend-colleague and vegan-blog reader. (they’re so cute!)
My pantry, my “pride”:

Chef: Felicia from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 28 August 2010 at 19:01

    They look soooo good!!! I had a fig tree just in front of my flat in Tuscany, but I’m still waiting for it to make figs…quite weird as I read on VeganBlog that you’re all preparing dishes with figs

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