Bread Dumplings with Jam


This recipe liberally draws its inspiration from the fantastic book “Dolci Naturali

200gr of Sour Dough (from its “refreshing”)
200gr of flour “0”
1/2 teaspoon of dry yeast (rehydrated)
salt as needed
water as needed
jam (the flavour you prefer)

Place the Sour Dough in a bowl. Combine the flour, salt, rehydrated yeast and enough water to form a nice elastic dough. Let it stand half an hour, then roll out the dough with a rolling pin; with the sprocket cut out squares of about 10cm per side. Preheat oven to 180°C. Place a tablespoon of jam in the center of each square, join its corner pressing them well each other to avoid them opening while baking. Put the squares on a baking sheet, brush them with water and malt, and bake for about 35 minutes. Remove them from the oven and enjoy them lukewarm to avoid burning your tongue 😉

I say that this recipe has been liberally adapted from that book, because there the filling is different, there it required a compote made with apples. I made them on Sunday morning and were very good, those few which survived to the next day, however, were too dry … but we didn’t melt with pity and didn’t spare them! I renamed them “bread dumplings with jam”, as it is practically the bread dough.
I obtained the Sour Dough starting with the dry one which I bought in the shop: I first made the dough for bread (with no salt), then I removed a piece of it and held it in jar in the fridge. With the remaining dough, adding salt, we’ve made bread with freshly ground flour. Of course, this method is a bit like artificial insemination, but all the times I’ve been trying to do the Sour Dough, it went wrong. This looks good, is very “alveolate” and has a slight odor of alcohol; having refreshed it on Sunday, I should refresh it tomorrow and with the leftover of its “refreshing” something good will come out 🙂

Chef: Nadir from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 1 September 2010 at 13:35

    I love them!!! Very well done Nadir, it’s a good idea, a sweet treat but also different from the usual cookies 🙂
    Well…I think I’ll fill them with melted chocolate though 😉

  2. Mimì 1 September 2010 at 16:25

    nadir are just delicious 🙂

  3. Nadir 2 September 2010 at 08:16

    I am very gratified :opss:

  4. Nadir 2 September 2010 at 08:17


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