Tennis Player’s Rice


The title is veeeeeery questionable. Explanation at the end.

1/2 cup of Puy lentils
1/2 cup red rice
1 clove of garlic
3 spring onions
1 pepper
1 curgette
1 cup of diced pumpkin
4 dried apricots
various nuts
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 teaspoon harissa
extra virgin olive oil

I cooked the rice separately because I wanted a sort of rice salad rather than a risotto. While the rice was cooking I browned garlic and onions, both finely chopped; while in another pot I cooked the lentils. When garlic and onions were done, I added diced vegetables. When the rice too was ready I let it all cool, say, for a quarter of an hour. Then I combined all the ingredients, adding the dried apricots cut into small pieces, cinnamon and harissa; I stirred vigorously and I finished it with some extra virgin oil. I finally added crushed nuts, miraculously survuved to my august fauces all day. I think it tastes better if lukewarm or, even better, room temperature.

Let’s talk about the genuinely mixed-up title. This morning as I was wallowing in a train for Wimbledon, going on site, trying not to think about the questions I would have been asked by workers and foreman, I thought about what to cook tonight. And I felt like having something Middle Eastern, Moroccan side, but basically it was more an idea, as I’ve never been to Morocco. Then that thought had been filed in the “drafts” folder. Once arrived at the station I found a hut, splendid, selling seeds, nuts, dried fruits and similar amenities. Since I was in a rush I just got some mixed nuts and dried apricots. And then I have been mulling over this rice all day, and perhaps it would have really had a Middle Eastern taste, with all those nuts, apricots and cinnamon. The name (with a flight of fancy I must admit) comes from the place where I received the “enlightenment”, Wimbledon precisely, that in a certain period hosts the tennis championships.

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