No-Meat Loaf


I was bored of the usual soy stew … I wanted something different so, remembering my mother’s meatloaf, I modified her recipe into a vegan one.

100gr of dried soy strictly biological
50gr of breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon of capers
1 tablespoon of pine nuts
1 tablespoon of vegan cheese
1 clove of garlic
1 bunch of parsley leaves
3 tablespoons of chickpea flour
olive oil, Salt and Pepper

Cook the dried soy as explained in its package, squeeze it with a potato masher and let it cool. Meanwhile, soften the bread in water, chop the parsley and garlic (if the pieces of garlic bother you, cook it without peeling in the oven, then squeeze it in the mixture and mix). Mince the cooked soy, put it in a bowl and add the ingredients above, except the chickpea flour, which will be first mixed with water to form a thick cream, and then added to the mixture as a binder; taste and adjust salt. Combine the mixture and form a cylinder, a little flat. Line the baking pan with baking paper, lay our no-meatloaf and bake it at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes (to see the internal cooking insert a toothpick in the no-meat loaf, if nothing remains attached to it, it means that it is done).

Chef: Lucia from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 9 September 2010 at 18:53

    My mum used to prepare a meat loaf as well…I liked it a lot when I was younger! I think I’ll definitely give this a try, I miss it sometimes. And it’s good as you can prepare it and then have it a lot of ways, I mean just plain, or in sandwiches, or with sauce, or just sauteed in a pan! It’s great 🙂

  2. Mimì 9 September 2010 at 22:56

    It ‘very inviting .. Superlative and above all simple to make, with ingredients found much: P
    Excellent recipe Lucia 😀

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