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…or better, one of them! We’ve recently bought, as you might remember, a sort of professional food processor (actually it is fairly professional, as it’s the same used at Starbuck’s, for instance…or this is what they say).

Anyway, the point is that now I can have all the sorts of flour I’ve always wanted, just processing the grains. Therefore, we’ve tried so far: rice flour, quinoa flour, millet flour, buckwheat flour, lentils flour, spelt flour….well, that’s it. This breakfast in particular was inspired by the rice flour. It was a couple of weeks ago, but it was reeeeeally cold here. It’s a kind of winter breakfast, I mean!

1 apple
3 tablespoons of rice flour
200ml of vegetable milk (I used soya)

A piece of cake :-). Grind the apple, or mince int with the food processor and set it aside. In a no stick pan, combine rice flour with milk and let the mixture cook on a medium heat. Stir continuously to avoid lumps. You’ll get a fairly thick cream. Add the ground apple and keep on stirring. When the cream is piping hot, it’s done! Add some cinnamon and nutmeg, to taste. You may also want to add some sugar, I didnt’ think it was necessary.


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