Aubergines in Oil


Here I am, just came back from Calabria, to post you a very very typical recipe (which my mother is dictating me…)

aubergines (you’ll need the small and dark, long ones)
white vinegar
fennel seeds
red pepper (the long ones, better if you find the “romano” quality), sweet or spicy, according to yout taste

Cut the aubergines into long thin slices, and put them in salt for 24 hours.
At that point, the aubergines will be reduced in volume; boil them in boiling water, made of 1 part of water and 3 of  vinegar. Let them cook for about 10 minutes.
Drain the aubergines and press them to let all the water get out.
Add all the other ingredients: chopped peppers, fennel, garlic, and season with oil.
Fill the jars, pressing very well, and add oil to cover the aubergines completely.
Under the cap, it would be better if you could put one of those plastic gadgets, which you can also buy at the supermarket, to keep the content well pressed.
If you want, you may add zucchini (same method), crushed olives, tomatoes and green capsicums (same method).
This was a plate of appetizers which our cousin had prepared for dinner, and at the bottom left you can admire my aubergines 🙂 they might not seem a spectacular looking, but I swear they’re a true treat!

Finally, these were the wonderful nectarines from my grandma’s tree, which was soooo load with fruits that the branches got broken; these nectarine are small as apricots and and you can easily eat them in just one bite 🙂

Chef: Argie form VeganBlog

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