Green Hummous


A creamy sauce, quick and “multifunctional”: can be served as a starter on bruschettas or with raw vegetables, as a dressing for cooked cereals, or spoonfool by spoonful on his own … It’s yummy hot, warm and even cold (it settles a bit).
Here with pearly barley was a tasty dish.


a cup of frozen peas (or fresh, in season)
a handful of shelled pistachios
1 tablespoon of tahini
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 clove of garlic
a pinch of salt
tekka (optional)

I cooked the peas in a little water until soft, then I’ve blended them with the other ingredients, to get a smooth cream.
I served it with pearly barley sprinkled with tekka: a Japanese condiment made of miso, burdock, carrots and some other roots, those black specks that you see in the picture.
Alternatively, I think that some black sesame seeds or poppy seeds should do.

Chef: MentaMarina from VeganBlog

  1. Mimì 25 September 2010 at 21:17

    Very interesting green version of ‘hummous

  2. EleonoraNW3 27 September 2010 at 15:09

    I like hummous, as you can create hundreds of variations to it! And a lot of colours as well…green, but also orange (using pumpkin or butternut squash or even carrots), pink (made of beetroot), all the shades of brown (using all the differents kind of beans)…I have to tell, though, that my favourite still is the original one :-). I’ve been lucky enough to have it in Jordan, and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!

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