Aubergines “TheDayAfter”


Aubergines with balsamic vinegar.
This is a dish that tastes better the day following its preparation. Therefore, prepare the aubergines, cook them, taste them and resiste the temptation to eat them straight away… as it’s worth letting them rest for at least one night.

2 aubergines
2 / 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
a splash of apple vinegar or rice vinegar
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
salt, pepper
toasted sesame seeds in a pan with a thick bottom

Cut the aubergines in cubes; if you have the patience to sprinkle them with salt and leave them there half an hour, then do it (I never do, as I’m not so patient); otherwise, sauté them it in pan on a very hot heat, let them brown on all sides, add oil, salt and cook 10/15 min.
Sprinkle them with vinegar and let them dry. A few minutes before the end of cooking, pour the balsamic vinegar and sesame, salt and pepper and cook a few minutes.
As I said, the day after they taste better and are truly yummy both cold and heated. In the picture, I served them with some basmati tossed with a pinch of curry powder.

Chef: MentaMarina from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 27 September 2010 at 14:44

    Aubergines with balsamic vinegar are…the end of the world! Well done!!

  2. Cassandra78 27 September 2010 at 15:29

    At a first glance I thought they were seitan cubes…and when I saw they were abuergines I thought that it would be a great dish if we mixed abuergines and seitan 🙂

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