Childhood memories: I was “recruited” in the afternoon to turn the crank of the pasta machine. I used to snort a little, but in the end I was happy as I had given my own contribution!

1 kg of flour 00
200 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 ml white wine
180/200 ml of water
100 gr sugar

Make a “volcano” with the flour, “dig” the crater and pour there oil, wine, sugar … helping with a fork, start combining the ingredients, gradually incorporating the surrounding flour … Now, you have to get your hands dirty and knead the dough, adding water gradually, until you get firm “ball”. Let it rest for 15 minutes, covering with a cling film. Roll out the dough with the pasta maker, using all its “notches” until the last one: the dough should be thin, about 1 mm. With a knife, make rectangles of 10 × 6 (give or take); add a bit of jam in their middle, wrap the candies onto themselves (use a little water to seal) and squeeze the sides to create a candy… sprinkle with a bit of sugar on the surface and bake them in the preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

1) Use a firm jam, as the soft will tend to escape (as happened to me)
2) I filled some candies with jam mixed with a bit of cinnamon and grated lemon zest
3) If you want to try this recipe, maybe just half the doses. I got stuck at one point :-(… I froze the remaining dough and I used it later to make panzerottini, ravioli… 4) they last for a long time, just keep them in a closed container.

Chef: Tubalkain from VeganBlog

  1. Titti 30 September 2010 at 23:04

    I love these candies! Very attracting! 🙂

  2. Mimi 1 October 2010 at 07:07

    They are really delicious 😛

  3. EleonoraNW3 1 October 2010 at 20:16

    very smart!!! A really good idea for a present, also!

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