Confit Cherry Tomatoes


My dear friend Silvia has taught me this recipe about a month ago, and since then I have already prepared it a couple of times; furthermore, I have tried this type of “light and tasty” way of cooking with other vegetables (aubergines, peppers, zucchini and onions) – it gave me the same satisfaction and came out very good.
The preparation is very simple.

cherry tomatoes, if possible in medium or large
fresh herbs: rosemary, marjoram, thyme, basil
dried spices: oregano
light brown sugar
extra virgin olive oil

Wash and cut tomatoes in halves. Place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper. You can place them very close to each other, it’s even better.
Add a little bit of salt (be careful not to overdo with it… salt can be adjusted when you consume them … but a little bit is definitey necessary!) and sprinkle with sugar (again, be careful: it’s not a cake … just 3/4 grains each, to remove their “congenital” sourish taste and make them sweet and “rounded” on the palate).
Now, sprinkle them with the spices … In abundance. … You can also add spices to your own taste (garlic powder, ginger, red pepper … ..), the ones I mentioned give them a really good aroma, and leave all possibilities of use.
Bake at 130°C for an hour … the low temperature cooks them very well, but without drying them out, allowing them to retain all their juice.
A dash of e.v.o. oil and they’re ready!
Can be used in many different ways: as a side dish, for pasta, as a starter, to fill skewers with tofu and seitan … I’ve used them with other vegetables, prepared in the same way, to make a sort of lasagna with carasau bread as a side dish with Mirko’s lupin burgers … in short, a thousand uses.
Excellent !!!!!!!! Thanks Silvia !!!!!!!

Chef: Fedemela from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 5 October 2010 at 19:06

    Seems a delicious and mediterranean dish 🙂 I very much like it!

  2. Pizza pie 5 October 2010 at 19:33

    I make exactly the same recipe: we love it at home! In summer we eat a lot of tomatoes and this is a different way to serve it… with rice they are special 😛

  3. Nadir 6 October 2010 at 10:27

    I’m sad because the tomatoes to return only next summer 🙁

  4. Cassandra78 6 October 2010 at 14:25

    Good!! Light and good. Nadir youìre right, but maybe we can use the same method with other vegetables 🙂

  5. Nadir 7 October 2010 at 15:40

    @Cassandra 🙂

  6. Lisa 7 October 2010 at 19:00

    Seems really yummy… 🙂

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