Babà (finally vegan!)


I have long worked before reaching this result, which I would say is definitely rewarding!!! Of course it can certainly be improved, and I already think of some small changes to make in the future, but I can say with certainty, this is already a good result, comes closest to the original, but a lot better, because cruelty free!!! 😉 Actually I was hoping to find a recipe (already vegan) on the web so I just had to copy it, but I had no success!! 🙁 There are a bunch of recipes (including photos and explanatory videos) but unfortunately all with ingredients of animal origin…
I hope to get you to try it out, guys, is an immense satisfaction!!! 😉

Ingredients for babàs:
240 g Manitoba flour
50 g potato starch
80 g of soybean butter or vegan maragrine
1 glass of soymilk (or other vegetal milk)
4 tablespoons lukewarm water
40 g cane sugar
Concita’s mix of soy lecithin (1 spoonful of soy lecithin, 1 tbsp sunflower oil, 3 tablespoons of water) + 1 pinch turmeric
20 g yeast of beer

Ingredients for soaking:
cane sugar

Ingredients for polishing:
1 part of water
2 parts of apricot jam

First we must prepare the Concita’s mix of soy lecithin, put all the ingredients together (lecithin, oil and water) in a small bowl and whip them with a small fork until lecithin gets dissolved. Then, get the soy butter out of the fridge and leave it at room temperature and knead it  inside another small bowl.
After that, begin to prepare a dough dissolving the whole yeast in 4 tablespoons of lukewarm water and kneading it with 80 g of Manitoba flour (one third of the total quantity) until you will get a smooth loaf. Let it sit covered for half an hour… Meanwhile butter (with soybean butter of vegan margarine) some molds (I used 6 normal size and 3 large). After half an hour put the loaf in a large bowl and incorporate the mix of lecithin and the soy butter, kneading fine with your fingers and start to re-knead it all. Add the rest of flour (160 g), the potato starch and cane sugar, kneading it all more and more… still add soy milk (1 cup) little by little. The dough starts to become soft and then enough liquid, almost like that of sponge cake. The important thing is to work on it long and energetically.
Leave the dough to rise, covered for at least 50 minutes, after which, you shall spill it within the moulds, filling them to half. Let it rise again until domes will be formed slightly out from the edge.
Once the babàs get risen they should be put in the oven at 180° C for about 15 minutes. Then, must be extracted with care, accomodated in a baking tray, lined with baking paper and put back into the over still for a few minutes, turning them repeatedly. I pulled them out when the surface had assumed a beautiful golden colour… 🙂
At this point let them cool at room temperature and start preparing the soaking and the polishing. You need a bit of rum, cane sugar and water to prepare a syrup (the quantity is up to you)  to immerge the babàs into. Finally you can polish them by dissolving into a small pan 2 parts of apricot jam with 1 part of water, over low heat for a few minutes, then cooling and applying it with a brush on the surface area of each babà.
That’s it!!! Enjoy!!! 😉

Love, Anto. 🙂

  1. EleonoraNW3 26 October 2010 at 05:54

    Anto, love, this is amazing!!! You really left me speechless! You’re a genius 🙂
    Everything’s perfect here…from your explanation to the pictures! I tasted babà when I was almost a kid and I didn’t like it that much – too much liqueur, and I never tasted it since then. But really you make me willing to try and make it my own babà!
    I was wondering..what’s the purpose of soy lecithin?

  2. Anto 26 October 2010 at 07:54

    Good morning dear!!! How’re you doing? 🙂
    The purpose of soy lecithin is to act as emulsioner, but as I said I’m working on some changes for this recipe, to improve it. One of these changes is omit soy lecithin ‘cos I’m sure it will work all the same without.
    Another change could be use natural aromas while adding to the dough the rest of flour and other ingredients. I’m thinking of vanilla or orange aroma… Plus, instead of soaking the babà into liqueur, it should be possible to do it with simple fruit juice, maybe apricot juice… this way even children could eat babà! 😉
    Well, I dunno, I still have to experience these changes… but soon I will, and I’ll let you know, ok?
    Cheers! Have a nice day! Anto.

  3. Mariagrazia 26 October 2010 at 14:56

    Hi dear!
    This is a masterpiece! Well done!
    Although I never was a baba-supporter (I don’t like alkohol in sweets), I am happy that you veganized it for the tons of its lovers (especially in Italy of course)!
    Interesting the idea of putting fruit juice: I would try this version! (like a baby as usual…)

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