Vermicelli Pasta with Zucchini


in mint cream.

kamut pasta
soy cream
fresh mint
a trickle of water
a trickle of white wine
soy milk

While cooking the pasta in salted water, sauté zucchini with garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, chili, a little water and wine to make them softer … in the meantime, in a chopper put soy cream, parsley and fresh mint .. a bit of soy milk (very little) and process all .. .. add the zucchini when done, and process a little again … … et voila! a delicious creamy sauce to serve with our spaghetti! Delicious!
And as a dessert we had these delicious pastries, bought at the BioVegFest at Bassano … a real pleasure (also Matteo’s father liked them) !! 😀

Chef: Monica86 from VeganBlog

  1. Cassandra78 21 November 2010 at 21:09

    Delicious! Must be so fragrant and delicate, very elegant

  2. Dinetonite 24 November 2010 at 16:25

    Great post; I look forward to following your blog. I’m in the same boat with my wife; it’s almost impossible to get her to try new foods.

  3. EleonoraNW3 24 November 2010 at 20:54

    Hi Dinetonite! My boyfriend is still a meateater… but we have reached a sort of compromise… when he’s with me (for dinner) he eats what I eat (because I’m the cook :-P), at lunch he cab have whatever he wants (and I don’t want to know what…). Actually he likes very much seitan, tempeh and other weird vegan things, so I’m lucky, I must say. He likes very much also try new things (and food is only one of them), so… I’m lucky, I guess 🙂

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