Fried Polenta… two ways

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My grandmother always used to do it for me. It’s very useful to “recycle” leftover plain polenta …
… Or you can do it on purpose!

I had been thinking to make fried polenta for a few days, and last night, after watching the weather forecasts, I found out that next Sunday would be a “domestic” one, and I decided.

already cooked polenta
sugar (optional)
oil for frying

I cooked the polenta as usual the night before and I let it cool in a wet bowl. This morning I put it on a plate,

cut it into thick slices thick as a finger and wide two

then I heated plenty of oil in a heavy skillet and fried polenta until it formed a crunchy crust on both sides.
A couple of tips: to fry the polenta is absolutely necessary to use one of those nets to cover the pan, as polenta terribly squirts. For the same reason, I advise you to fry a few pieces at a time!
Just removed from the oil, sprinkle it with salt or sugar, to taste…I assure you it’s worth!

This one is with sugar, which we had as a snack (the salty one was for lunch). Tomorrow only steamed vegetables, huh!:-D

Chef: Cri from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 16 December 2010 at 14:50

    This is sooo good!! My mum does it… not that often (say once a year?) but she does. Never tried with sugar though… generally we spread something on it (i.e. truffle or mushroom sauce…yummy!)

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