The Last Panettone

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It was the best I made for this year 🙂

500 grams of flour
200 grams of very strong Canadian flour
100 grams of soy butter
1 cup and 1/2 of soy milk
75 gr (or less) of brown sugar
the grated rind of one lemon
2/3 teaspoons of salt
dried cranberries (I had run out of candied fruit)

I started the evening of the day before yesterday, kneading well all the ingredients, except for raisins and cranberries. I let it rise overnight and the next morning (i.e. yesterday) I kneaded it again, adding dried fruit. I placed the dough on a baking tray, covered with a cloth. Then I went to work leaving to Rodrigo (who’s on holiday) the duty to bake it, according to my directives ;-). He let it rise until noon (about 6 hours), then preheated the oven to maximum. When the oven was hot, he lowered the temperature to 130°C, brushed the top of panettone with soy milk and put it in the oven, letting it bake for about 25 min at 130°C. At this point, has increased by 20°C the temperature, and let the cake bake for 20 min at 150°C. Eventually, a further increase in temperature, up to 170°C, and 20min further. Finally the cake was done and the Rodrigo diligently removed it from the oven and made it cool completely, covered by a kitchen cloth. Weirdly, he managed to wait until it was time for a snack and he had about 1/4 of it 😀 with a herbal tea.
I had a sizeable slice of it after dinner, with a glass of Piedmontese Muscat 😉

Chef: Tamara from VeganBlog

  1. ascanio 9 January 2011 at 10:44

    Seems to come straigth from an italian bakery!!!! Must ave been delicious!

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