Cinnamon Liqueur

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It’s nice to end a special dinner with a good self-made liquor.

My guests have always enjoyed it, and I offer a little sip to you all.

12 cinnamon sticks
½ liter of alcohol, at 95°
400 gr of sugar
0.7 liters of water

Pour the alcohol into a large glass jar, add the cinnamon. Let it stand for 21 days in a dry, dark place, shaking the jar daily.
After the resting period, bring the water to a boil; over a low heat, add sugar and let it  melt slowly. It’s important to avoid the sugar getting brown, the flame should be low.
Cool the syrup completely. Combine the syrup  with alcohol and cinnamon in the jar. Let it rest for 30 days, shaking daily.
After the second resting period, filter and bottle the liqueur.
A further resting period is recommended to get a good product. A little sip is still recommended.

As for almost all homemade liqueurs, doses are “personalized”. With these proportions, the result is a good liqueur, the aroma of cinnamon is well defined but not too much, I mean, the right balance.
Homemade liqueurs are good, but remember not to overdo it, just a little sip after dinner!!

Chef: Felicia from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 29 January 2011 at 20:31

    I love cinnamon, and as far as I know it’s also very good for digestion… therefore, a sip after dinner becomes even more helpful 🙂

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