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Finally I come back and write here also on VeganWiz! Hello, my dear … I had an hectic summer, and also a hot autumn, and finally I found my center again.
And since this is time for soups and creamy things, I leave you my recipe for Vichyssoise, for which you will need:

a fairly large leek
two or three large potatoes (preferably white)
stale bread, one slice per plate
vegetable broth
sesame seeds
extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

Cut the leek into slices and let it soften slightly in a large saucepan. Meanwhile, peel and cut potatoes into small pieces; and when the leek is soft, sautée them a bit with it.
Add the vegetable stock, roughly a litre, and cook until potatoes are soft.
Meanwhile, toast the slices of bread, if you have the stove, like I have, over the stove :-), or in a no-stick pan with a little olive oil.
Purée the vegetables with the broth, season with salt and pepper and serve.
Add sesame seeds, toasted bread cut into cubes and chopped chives.

Chef: Edera from VeganBlog

  1. ascanio 31 January 2011 at 06:40

    Never heard of this soup, but I’d like a bowl now… and it’s not even 6 am!

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