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Subtitle: yummy “sfogliatelle” (puffs).
Please see Comments for a detailed description.

Mimi’s light puff pastry (for convenience I repeat the doses)
370 gr of organic all-purpose flour
150 gr of soy yogurt
2 tablespoons of olive oil
cold water, as needed
jam, possibly home-made (in my case peach, but taste is your choice)
1 organic golden delicious apples (1/4 apple and the exact dose)

Mix the ingredients for the dough. You must get a soft and elastic dough.
Let it rest in the fridge for several hours (usually I knead the dough in the morning and I use it in the afternoon, it can remain in the fridge, safely wrapped in a cling film)
Take the dough, dont’ knead it again, roll it out using a rolling pin. The thickness is  at your choice. For envelopes is about 3 mm. For the squares of about 5 mm.
For envelopes: cut 4 squares, sides of about 11 cm, and four hearts.
Place the squares on the baking tray, lined with baking paper, place the hearts over and spread a thin layer of jam over their surfaces.
Cut 1/4 of an apple into thin slices and place the slices on top of the uncovered part of the hearts. Close the envelopes. Spread a thin layer of jam over the apples, it’ll “stick” them and prevent them to get brown,
For the squares: Cut 12 squares of 10 cm side. Spread the jam, close the square, joining the corners  in the center. With the scraps of dough, cut out 12 hearts and place them in the center of the square.
Place everything on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Place the the baking trays in the fridge to rest (waiting for the oven to reach the right temperature), the transition fridge / oven helps the dough to inflate.
Bake at 180°C for about 12-15 min. But check and remove earlier, in case.
With these doses, I got: 4 wrapped hearts and 12 “sfogliatelle”.

The preparation of these “sfogliatelle” is very simple. But they are exquisitely good, light and tasty.
I did not use molds, I drew a heart on paper and I used it as a template. For the squares, I used the old square (from the school years) and measured the dough.
The message of love is virtually sent everyone! We need love, pure love, clean, honest.
Sent to the world, stop the wars, stop the violence, enough!
Addressed to animals, who can only give love.
Addressed for all you “veg-chef”, capable of loving.
I gave it to my love.

Chef: Felicia from VeganBlog

  1. monsoon 13 February 2011 at 09:55

    These are just amazing!!!! Well done you!!

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