Red Celery

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If you’re dieting but don’t want to renounce to nice and satisfying tastes, here’s what you need! Celery with tomato is a fast recipe, that I “stole” from my mother-in-law, who comes from Trieste but has been living in Tuscany for 40 years! This post is dedicated to her, super mom of 5 children, hi Daria … we miss you!

celery, cleaned and cut into pieces, about 10-12 cm long
tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, already seasoned to taste
good extra virgin olive oil
thyme, oregano or marjoram … or the three of them!

Place the crushed garlic in a frying pan with very little oil, and add celery a little later; cover and cook for 10 minutes. When almost done, pour the tomato sauce in and cook 5 minutes longer. If you like tomatoes not completely done, just remove it from heat and serve. Otherwise, let it cook 10 minutes longer, until the sauce gets very thick and dense. In Tuscany they do like this …. but I do not like things too dry … your choice!
Before serving, add a few drops of oil and the herbs you’ve chosen.
Some people do this recipe frying the celery, previuosly bread coated … you chose, but is not light anymore! ­čśë
Cheers everybody, and a special greeting to Felicia … just married!

Chef: Acquaviva from VeganBlog

  1. acorn 1 April 2011 at 21:05

    Seem yummy! A good way to prepare fennel as well, I guess

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