Sea and Mountains Spaghetti

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… lentils and arame sauce

a forkful of arame
2-3 tablespoons of red lentils
about 30 gr of tofu
tomato sauce
extra virgin olive oil

First, soak the seaweeds in a bit of water for about 15 minutes.
Fry a clove of garlic and a bit of chili; toast the lentils, add the arame, already rehydrated, and cover it all with a little water. Cover with a lid and let it cook for about 15 minutes (red lentils have a very short cooking time, I also believe that mine are hulled … but I’m not sure, as they’re German and I can’t understand what it says in the package :-)).
Meanwhile, boil water and cook the spaghetti.
A few minutes before they’re done, add some cubes of tofu to the lentils and seaweeds, and stir.
Drain the pasta and sauté it with the sauce for a few minutes.

Actually, I sort of imposed myself this dish in order to eat a few seaweed … didn’t go that bad with arame! As a start, though, I preferred hiding them a little with more “earth” flavours 😀
I send you a big hug!
Ah, today is a day of jubilation: I made ricotta cheese and I succeeded! 🙂

Chef: Katy from VeganBlog

  1. heidi 19 April 2011 at 20:04

    This is an excellent idea! I can’t stand seaweeds to, and I do the same thing: I hide them with something else which I like more 🙂

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