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Thanks to this weather, it’s still possible to find the last cabbages and fennels, while lemons are on their way. Given that I’d eat soups and “minestrone” all the year long (even with 40 degrees), I decided to combine these flavors, and I must say that I really liked the mix!


half white cabbage, average size
1 medium sized fennel
1 slice of potato
lemon juice and zest
extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste

I posted the picture of the finished dish only, as it is very easy! I boiled cabbage, fennel and potato together (I used potato to make the soup creamier, but can be omitted) until they were soft enough to be blended. I added very little salt and extra virgin olive oil (just because I wanted a simple taste, natural), a few drops of lemon and I liquized it all with the hand blender. Surely a bit of pepper or some other spices would have gone well, but this time I preferred to have it this way. I poured the soup in the plates and grated a bit of organic lemon zest, and voilà!
Uh, that thingy you see on the top right of the plate, made of lemon zest, with a looooot of fantasy should be a butterfly.
Kisses to all

Chef: AnnaB from VeganBlog

  1. monsoon 7 May 2011 at 09:25

    The butterfly’s very cute! This is an unusual match of flavours I just want to try it. I was thinking about replacing potatoes with chickpeas or cannellini beans, just to add a bit more proteins

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