Anti Radical-Free Spelt Salad

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A nice spelt salad tasty, nutritious, anti-aging and anti radicals free, due to the presence of soy sauce and various seeds.

500 gr of spelt, soaked for 12 hours and then boiled
500 gr of cowpeas, soaked for 12 hours and then cooked with small pieces of kombu
500 gr of asparagus, cleaned, cut into rounds and steamed
3 nice red large tomatoes, diced
4 handfuls of sunflower seeds
3 handfuls of pumpkin seeds
2 handfuls of sesame seeds
2 handfuls of hemp seeds
soy sauce to taste
extra virgin olive oil (come on, be generous)
a handful of Herbes de Provence

Cook beans, spelt and asparagus, then mix everything in a big bowl, adding tomatoes, Herbes of Provence, the various seeds, seasoning with soy sauce and extra virgin olive oil.
Voilà, easy, quick, tasty and nutritious 🙂 and the patrons of the banquet, replete, thank 🙂

Chef: ArcheoGola from VeganBlog

  1. monsoon 13 May 2011 at 06:11

    well, salads are always most welcome 🙂
    this one’s rich and hearty

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