Venus in Red


I fantasized a lot about the colours of this dish, more than its taste… I thought about the contrast between black and red cherry as something sensual. While drawing, working, writing… I thought about Venus rice as if it was a real woman, with ebony skin,  long hair and a backless red dress. A woman wrapped in this aromatic scent of far lands.

wholegrain black Venus rice
unrefined salt (for cooking rice)
a slice of white onion
extra virgin olive oil
a dash of rice milk
fresh coconut flakes

Prepare a pot with salted water and bring it to a boil. Pour the rice in. The cooking time on the package I used was 40 minutes, but to be on the safe side, taste it from time to time. I like the grains “al dente” and I boiled the rice for 35 minutes. Meanwhile, in another pan, fry the onion with extra virgin olive oil; then add the cherries (previously washed and cut) and rice milk. Simmer the cherries sauce until the excess of liquid has dried (about 15 minutes … but shouldn’t be too dry!). Once done, drain the rice and add the cherries sauce. Sprinkle with fresh grated coconut.

I didn’t add salt in the cherries sauce, as it was already tasty. Rice milk tempers the exuberance of cherries. Rice has kept its aroma, mixed with the very “spicy” flavour of cherries. In the evening, when I came back home from a walk in Milan, I could still perceive the aroma of rice wafting into the kitchen, a sweet scent, which resembles that of Basmati rice, though less intense. I love it! 😀

The colour of Venus rice is due to the natural pigments in its pericarp. These pigments are also present in some fruits like blueberries and black grapes, with many antioxidant properties. In China it was served just to emperors and a small group of nobles, and was cultivated as early as 2800-2200 BC. Its aroma is reminiscent of sandalwood.

Chef: Leonora from VeganBlog

  1. melissa 31 May 2011 at 05:56

    This is SO ELEGANT!! I love it, I like when a dish is not only something to eat, but something to reflect on

  2. monsoon 31 May 2011 at 20:19

    I can smell from here the sweet sour taste of cherries+coconut…well done!

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