Bell Pepper in Foil

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1 large red bell pepper
80 gr of parboiled rice
curry to taste
1 clove of garlic
about 1 liter of vegetable broth

The preparation is very simple, we just need a bit of patience for the cooking times. Cut the pepper in halves. Put one of the halves (which will act as a container) in the boiling broth, and cut the other into pieces. Toast the rice in a pan with olive oil and garlic for a few minutes. Now, add the chopped bell pepper, plenty of curry and a couple of ladles of broth. Get the rice done, adding a ladle of broth just when it’s too dry, and season with salt. When ready, get the pepper from the broth and wrap it in an aluminum foil, to such an extent that, once filled, the pepperwill be¬† sealed in the aluminum. Pour the rice into the pepper, close with the foil and place it in the oven on a baking pan, where you have poured a bit of broth. Must remain wet throughout the cooking. Leave it for 30 minutes at 180 Celsius degrees. Serve it freshly removed from the oven and it will cheer you up. Guaranteed!

Chef: Lihan from VeganBlog

  1. ken 10 June 2011 at 13:42

    I like cooking things in foil – they retain their flavour at its best. I’d also add some pinenuts

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