Bean Curd Lasagne

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Hi there! Haven’t been posting anything for a while… I came back as I wanted to share something we found in a big super at Soho, they’re a sort of dehydrated tofu lasagne. I didn’t have anything suitable to prepare proper lasagne at home, but I tried… this is what I came up with 🙂

(serves 2)
3 sheets of bean curd
100gr of soy mince
2 handfuls of kale
soy sauce
1/2 glass of soy milk
veg broth (optional)
extra virgin olive oil

I didn’t know at all how to prepare these sheets, so I had a look on the Internet. Turned out that one of the most common ways to use them is boil some water (a lot of water actually) and boil the sheets for a minute or so.

Then, take them out from the water – being very careful as they tent to get broken very very easily. Actually they’ve got quite a peculiar consistency: they’re very strong when you stretch them, almost elastic – but if there’s a tiny little cut on the side, you’ll break them just…watching them. Anyway, mine didn’t come out as a whole piece from the pot, as you see, but never mind; at the beginning I wanted to prepare rolls, but then you know, I had to change my mind! I boiled and set them aside. Then, I cooked the kale in a bit of vegan broth; then I stewed the soy mince with a bit of soy sauce. I started laying a sheet of bean curd in the baking pan:

Then I added the soy mince:

And finally the kale, and then the soy mince again:

I added a little of soy milk as I didn’t want it to dry out to much while baking. I put it in the oven and baked it at 180°C for 15minutes.

We liked the result – of course I had to use what I found in my fridge – not that much! Of course you can use them as lasagne and prepare a proper white sauce, which I wouldn’t have done anyway since I try to use as less fats as possible.

Well, it was good anyway, if you find these sheets just give them a try, can be prepared hundreds of ways I suppose!
See you soon 🙂

  1. ken 21 June 2011 at 13:49

    looks interesting! never seen these sheets though… is it something like tofu?

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