Sandwich cake, that’s the name of this Scandinavian dish, which I think may go well with the summer and, why not, a picnic on the beach.

The version in the photo is actually just for one (this morning I had a bad hangover and needed fats and carbohydrates), and I thought that, since I had got another kilo of loaf bread from my boyfriend’s grandma, why not prepare it again with what I had in my fridge. The version I made ​​is pretty meagre, but the idea is what counts, more than the scenographic effects

loaf bread
any vegan cheese
any vegetables

In fact, the recipe does not exist, what exists is your imagination … therefore, I used whatever I had in the fridge to feed myself. The only thing, “peel” the loaf bread and arrange it in order to cover it all, and work on “layers”. In my first layer there’s some home made ajvar, then home made beet salad (Swedish style), salad, mixed vegetables, vegan cream cheese (from Tofuline) to coat it all and then vegetables for garnishing.

I thought it was not a great recipe as such, but could give ideas for savoury pies for the beach, and is malleable for all tastes 😀

Chef: Eroenegativo from VeganBlog

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