Choco-Coconut Sweets

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Here there are some simple but delicious sweets, very suitable for the summer!
This recipe was born as I wanted to create a cold sweet, but most of all in a very little time. The result is guaranteed!

plain soy yogurt
coconut flour
dark chocolate (for garnish)

I tell you beforehad that I did everything without weighing ingredients, and recommend you to do so as well, as it all depends on how much coconut flour the yogurt can absorb. Also, as for the sugar: you decide, depending on how much you like it sweet (for example, I just put a very little). Then, add all the ingredients and… taste to see if you like it. Then, get some dough, which must be pretty firm, and make some pellets. Let them cool for a while in the fridge (if you can resist!), then decorate them with melted chocolate! Excellent indeed !!!!!

I thinck that the result is even better if you add an almond or a hazelnut inside them. I’ll try and let you know! Have a lovely day you all!!

Chef: Rosanna from veganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 30 June 2011 at 13:42

    A true delight! I love it!

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