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I love ginger, and when I found this recipe I became addicted! I make it very concentrated, put it in ice bags and freeze them. Whenever I want it, I put six ice cubes into a jug, add a litre of hot water, a few sprigs of fresh mint and put it in the fridge. In fact, if it’s not too hot … I drink it warm too.


1 liter of water
juice of 2 lemons
160 gr of fresh ginger (I put it even more)
80 gr of raw sugar cane (only because it’s better, the normal sugar is OK as well)
fresh mint (I put the dry one when I cannot find it, but it is not the same)

For fruit juices the Thermomix, although not essential, is soooo useful. Place water, sugar and lemon juice in the jug (or in a pot): 10 minutes, 100°C, speed 2. Or, traditionally, bring the water to a boil. Meanwhile, peel ginger and cut it into pieces. Add them in the jug and blend for 1 minute, increasing the speed from 2  up to 10. Alternatively, blend it separately with a little water and add it to the hot syrup. Let it brew at least a couple of hours (the longer, the spicier…I leave it half a day, because then I dilute it). Filter (I skip this step, in fact mine is not clear, but I can liquidize it finely with the Thermomix, and then I crunch it…).  Let it cool completely, add ice, fresh mint and serve. I freeze after the brewing, I use it in the water instead of ice cubes, adding fresh mint. Believe me, it is excellent. Also, ginger has many properties, and in winter is a panacea for all cold related conditions.

Chef: Arkiclo from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 12 August 2011 at 13:45

    I’m just like you… I’d put ginger everywhere!! I’ll do this as soon as possible 😀

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