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Excellent and quick “macro-vegan” sweets.
After months of absence in publishing my recipes (due to the “retirement” of my PC), I got myself organized and I post from work :-). I start again with an easy peasy and very quick recipe! (which are the ones I do best!)

4 tablespoons of rice malt
4 tablespoons of 100% hazelnut butter
ground hazelnuts
puffed millet

Mix the rice malt with the hazelnut butter in a bowl, until the mixture comes away from the edges of the bowl. Add the puffed millet and the ground hazelnuts, stirring constantly. Then, form some pellets, the diameter of your choice (I do about 3-4 cm). As a final touch, roll the pellets in the chopped hazelnuts. You can do an alternative version by using white almonds butter and grated coconut, instead of hazelnut butter and ground hazelnuts: equally good!

Chef: Clio Green from VeganBlog

  1. melissa 12 August 2011 at 13:44

    what a nice sweet treat ­čÖé easy and healthy!

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