One-thousand Pulses Rissoles

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Here it is a gluten-free version of a very simple dish. It’s the first recipe I post, I’ll improve over time, and so will the photos 🙂

borlotti beans (50%)
red azuki beans
adzuki beans green
red lentils
chickpea flour
extra virgin olive oil
fresh dill
toasted corn flour (to bread-coat)

I did not specify amounts of ingredients, because they all vary according to the availability of pulses, the rest doesn’t need weighing. We start by blending all the pulses with a food mixer, at a low speed, so that they get chopped quite coarsely. Meanwhile, add salt, pepper and herbs. I used dried tarragon and marjoram, in small quantities, and a good handful of fresh dill. Adjust the flavor with salt and pepper and thin the mixture with a little oil. Pour it all into a bowl and then mix well with chickpea flour, until it reaches such a consistency that the mixture can be handled without sticking to your hands too much. Now, what you’ve got do to is to prepare a plate with corn flour and sesame seeds for the bread-coating. Prepare some pellets with the mixture (you can make things easier by wetting your hands with cold water) and press them gently in the bread coating on both sides; the rissoles are now ready to be fried. Pass  them quickly in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and they’re ready to eat!
As you can see from the photo, I accompanied them with a few leaves of lettuce and some baked potatoes, spiced with coriander and turmeric.

Chef: Sacoro from VeganBlog

  1. acorn 25 September 2011 at 11:27

    We all love no-meat balls!!!! every version is more than welcome 🙂

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