Pasta and Chickpeas


…to clear the pantry.

And after months and months, here I am to propose you a nice recipe, simple but hearty; born as I needed to knock up a meal with what I got in my pantry… these days I’ve barricaded myself at home to study, and finding the time to go to the super is a distant mirage! !

boiled chickpeas
pasta, what you’ve got leftover in the pantry (or your favorite short one… I used chopped spaghetti)
1 piece of kombu seaweed
vegetable broth
1 pinch of hot pepper
1 pinch of gram masala
1 sprinkle of parsley
olive oil
toasted croutons

Boil a little veg broth with shredded kombu, then add boiled chick peas; with a hand blender make it as creamy as you like; therefore you choose the amount of chickpeas to blend and that of chickpeas to be left intact. Add the chickpeas you left whole, gram masala and chilli. In another pot, cook the pasta “al dente”, drain it, then add it to the chickpeas cream, simmer a little longer to cook the pasta completely and pour it all into a nice big bowl… a little olive oil, a sprinkling of parsley and a few toasted croutons to finish. Enjoy very hot … autumn has just arrived, but I’m already catapulted into the deepest winter!

I haven’t written anything on VW for such a long time! I missed you, although I always read you! Summer takes me away from my kitchen and from my wish to experiment… I take this opportunity to greet everyone and to welcome the new chefs – they’re always so many and, I must say, very original 🙂 kisses!

Chef: Iri from VeganBlog

  1. sam 27 September 2011 at 19:24

    well… given the result you should clear the pantry more often 😛 seems so yummy! perfect for the coming autumn. well done! Also, I find that rosemary goes divinely with chickpeas

  2. Jonathan 28 September 2011 at 02:05

    I am always surprised with the recipes I come up with while doing a “pantry cleanse.” It can be quite Iron-Chef like. What’s also surprising is finding out just how food one has in their pantry or freezer – big time $ saver.

    This recipe looks awesome and perfect for the fall. Thanks!

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