Mange-tout with Lemon and Fennel


As a side dish, in our family is a classic. I’m the only one who likes it though! Hi hi! Maybe you already know that Daniele’s terrible palate does not tolerate vegetables just blanched and  seasoned. He would like them dripping with oil and cooked for half an hour… luckily, the kitchen is my “territory” and it’s where I rule!

fresh fennel
mange-tout fresh and cleaned
1 organic lemon
extra virgin olive oil
fresh parsley

All too easy to not be embarrassed in describing it, however, to clarify for those who have never tasted this vegetables combination. Cut vegetables into pieces and blanch them until they’re done but still crunchy. Drain them well. Pour them into a bowl and let them rest in a marinade made of e.v.o. oil, lemon, salt and parsley. The more seasoning they absorb, the better! If you like it, add a little apple cider vinegar, but only at the end … otherwise you’ll lose the lemon taste! Stir occasionally and serve lukewarm or cold. Do not re-heat it, or the vitamin C coming from lemon will vanish :-). Let me know if you like, I go nuts abot it! It’s a great side dish for fatty and high-calory dishes. Refreshing and full of vitamins! Enjoy!

Chef: Acquaviva from VeganBlog

  1. sam 3 October 2011 at 06:18

    Oh yes!!! I just needed something fresh, simple yet tasty 🙂 I’l try this out tonight

  2. cassandra78 4 October 2011 at 06:05

    seems so good in its simplicity… and sometimes we do need something simple! I love crunchy vegetables, btw 😉

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