Black Rice and Sprouts

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A few days ago two vegan friends of ours came to visit us, the occasion was the arrival of our new kitten, named Cotton, though I would call it Attack! It’s soooo sweet and affectionate! During the dinner, this dish was been very successful, so I propose it to you 🙂

(serves 4)
300 gr of black (Venus) rice
1 cup of soy bean sprouts
100 gr of plain seitan
1 handful of hazelnuts
3 peppers
1 handful of black olives
1 handful of capers
2 cloves of garlic
cooking soy cream
nutritional yeast flakes
soy sauce
juice of 1 / 2 lemon
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Boil Venus rice in salted water for about 30 minutes. Wash peppers and cut them into thin slices; place them in a pan where we have previously fried the whole garlic with chopped black olives and capers. Let them fry on medium heat, adding a pinch of salt and a little water. Drain the rice, let it cool and dry it well. Chop seitan and brown it well in a pan with a little soy sauce, remove it only when it is a little crunchy! Place the rice in a large bowl and add browned seitan, bean sprouts, raw and crunchy, coarsely chopped hazelnuts, olive oil, chopped or powdered basil, a dash of soy sauce and a little lemon juice. Prepare a sauce by mixing soy cream with plenty of turmeric and a sprinkling of yeast flakes. Arrange the dish with a little rice (I put it in bowl to give it a regular shape), fried peppers (don’t let them dry too much!) and a little turmeric sauce :-).
This is my new sweetheart 🙂

Chef: TizianaVeg from VeganBlog

  1. heidi 15 October 2011 at 13:36

    I love Venus rice, I adore its terxture. Tjis recipe seems a perfect way to enjoy it! Your cat is so cute!

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