Versatile Cannellini Beans

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Finally, our little cannellini beans are ready. Yesterday I soaked them and this morning I could not decide, sweet or salty? I thought I’d prepare cannellini milk, but I’ve just self-produced soy milk, I said to myself, well I will prepare both versions and this is why It’s “versatile” ;-).

Ingredients for the sweet version:
100 gr of of dried cannellini beans
1 tablespoon of chopped hazelnuts
1 tablespoon of rice malt
1 tablespoon of carob flour
1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
water, as needed
salt, to taste
Ingredients for the savory version:
100 gr of dried cannellini
1 teaspoon of shoyu
mix of spices (oregano, thyme, sage)
extra virgin olive oil
water, as needed
salt, to taste

Soak the beans overnight. Boil them in water with a little salt for about 2 hours; let them cool off in water, so that they get softer. Purée them with their water. Now, divide the cream: a part of it will be for the purée, the other for veghella. Leave the part for veghella in the blender, as you’ll keep blending it with carob flour, malt, oil and ground hazelnuts until it gets frothy; transfer in a container and have it spread on some bread, with a spoon or just dunking your fingers 😆 .
For the salty versione, turn the stove on to low heat and mix by adding a teaspoon of shoyu, a pinch of salt, spices and extra virgin olive oil. I accompanied it with a pumpkin risotto :-D. Enjoy it and indulge yourself with the best of what nature can offer us!

Chef: Romina from VeganBlog

  1. heidi 25 October 2011 at 05:48

    I love the idea… and I prefer the sweet version, I have to say 🙂

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