The Sourdough


I write this post for all those who were still waiting for it (thanks for your patience), and for those who want to try and make the sourdough.

flour (preferably superfine)
warm water

Start preparing a batter with 200 gr of flour and warm water, enough to get a not too liquid consistency. Stir with a fork from the bottom up, for a couple of minutes, so as to give oxygen to your dough (you’ll see the bubbles start coming out).

Keep this mixture in a food container, not completely covered, in a place away from drafts, for three days.
After three days, get the mixture and add a few tablespoons of flour and more warm water, mix as above and let it rest for three days more.
After these three days, add more flour and water every day, for a week.
Now your sourdough will be ready for your first bread makingt!

Conservation and refreshments:
The sourdough should be kept in a food container, outside or inside the fridge.
Out of the fridge: you have to refresh it (or feed her, or renew it ….) every day. Keep it covered, not completely, so that it can still receive oxygen.
In the fridge: you have to cover it tightly. It keeps for a long time, even for a month. However, remember to refresh it the day before if you want to use it the day after. This means that if you want to make bread tomorrow, tonight remove it from the fridge, add flour and warm water, mix well, always from bottom to top and leave it out of the fridge, half covered.
When the dough is kept in the fridge for a long time, it can form somw gray water or a coating on the surface. Don’t worry! Just throw the “dirty” water away and rinse the sour dough under tap water, very gently.
I like to remember, however, that the more the sourdough is fed and cared for, the more powerful it’ll be, and you’ll get a better rising of bread.
Personally, I always keep my sourdough out of the fridge, and I refresh it every evening. In this way, I always have a very active and vital natural yeast, and the bread is wonderful!
If I forgot to explanin something, please ask!
A special thanks to Marina, my cooking teacher, she gave me some of her 30yrs old sourdough.

Chef: Loira from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 26 October 2011 at 05:52

    Thanks!!!! I was just waiting for a sourdough recipe 🙂

  2. ascanio 27 October 2011 at 05:47

    Thanks for this, I know my girlfriend would liketo try it… or maybe I could try it for her 🙂

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