Autumn Quinoa


Coming back to the “ok foods”, from the energetic point of view, regard a good muscle growth, I propose you this dish made of quinoa combined with beans, good for a balanced diet as well. Forgive me if I often use the same ingredients, but this is what my kitchen garden offers this season :-D!

200 gr of quinoa
100 gr of borlotti beans
1 bunch of turnip greens
shoyu, to taste
extra virgin olive oil

Soak the beans overnight, drain and boil them for about 2 hours. Wash the turnip greens (I use the whole of them, from stem to leaf) and stir fry in a covered pot with a little salt. After about 10 minutes, turnip greens will be decreased in volume, add a little water and salt. Let them cook 5 minutes more. Add quinoa and keep cooking, incorporating a ladle of cooking water from beans at a time, until it is done. Then, add the beans, let it cook a bit more, until all the water will be all absorbed, add a dash of shoyu, a little olive oil and turn the fire off. Let the quinoa stand for 10 minutes. Serve and… have a good recharging :-)!

This is the meal I normally have on a daily basis, legume + cereal (although quinoa isn’t a cereal). A balanced meal, healthy and excellent source of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. But do not worry, I will not publish only healthy things, and soon some new delicacy will appear on these screens – too bad it will disappear in my belly!
This is for Nello… As soon as I saw it, I thought of him and his decorative recipes ;-)!

Nature is a wonderful thing :-D!

Chef: Romina from VeganBlog

  1. monsoon 31 October 2011 at 06:44

    Seems so hearthy, just what we need these days

  2. EleonoraNW3 1 November 2011 at 11:59

    excellent photos, I love them ­čÖé I love simple and energetic (in the true sense) dishes, I have to try this one

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