Veg Russbiff

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Actually I do not know what to call it, so let’s use this fake name. Russ as Russia, in fact it seems a vegan steak, and comes from a Russian recipe that my boyfriend found somewhere.

200 gr of mushrooms
100 gr of rice (I used sushi rice)
1 yellow onion
spices to taste
soy or oat cooking cream
100 gr of flour
bread crumbs

Slice mushrooms very finely, and boil them (or stir fry with a little olive oil) for 5 minutes; in the meanwhile boil the rice. Brown the onion, finely chopped; once everything is done, combine them all in a bowl and add pepper, salt, parsley, blend them with a blender, with a little cream, to allow the mixer to work well. Add the flour and prepare a pan with a little olive oil, where you’ll add a huge drop of the mixture: fry trying to flatten it with a spatula; while it was frying, I added a bit bread crumbs, so they got stuck to the steak.

Chef: Eroenegativo from VeganBlog

  1. EleonoraNW3 10 November 2011 at 06:30

    This is very interesting, I want to try it asap. Thanks for sharing!

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