Tofu and Spinach Fritters


500 gr of spinach
360 gr of tofu (a typical package of two)
bread crumbs
chickpea flour
mixed seeds oil

Tofu is not very much loved in my family, especially for its “rubberiness”. So I invented these fritters, which were very much appreciated. I boiled the spinach, and in the meantime I chopped tofu and then blended it roughly. I drained the spinach, chopped them and added to the tofu; and blend it all more finely. I added salt, pepper, a dash of nutmeg and a few slices of fresh ginger, chopped. I added a few tablespoons of bread crumbs to make the mixture thicker, and to be able to work the dough with my hands and shape it into pellets. I prepared a light “Indian style” batter, with chickpea flour and water; when the batter was thick but smooth, I added a teaspoon of turmeric. I dipped the patties into this batter and fried in vegetable oil. They take just a few minutes to get brown. It’s a complete meal, which I accompanied only with artichokes and good spelt and kamut homemade bread.

Chef: LaSabi from VeganBlog

  1. cassandra78 24 November 2011 at 18:48

    a colourful and very tasty dish, it seems ­čÖé we all love patties here!

  2. Chad Simmons 30 June 2016 at 01:08

    No offense, because they actually sound good, but the picture that preceded the recipe was quite confusing and strange looking. I didn’t know I was being shown the actual dish.

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