Chocolate Cupcakes


As the weekend approaches, I decided to prepare a cake; and, given that American children will eat it, I decided to make a tasty vegan version of the famous cupcakes.

250 gr of flour, to taste (I used spelt flour)
120 gr of cake flour (preferably wholegrain)
1 teaspoon of baking powder
2 teaspoons of baking soda
250 ml of agave syrup
100 gr of almond butter (also peanut butter is ok, or hazelnut butter, etc..)
250 ml of veg milk
120 ml of oil (best if you opt for a lighter one)
2 bars of veg chocolate chips (I used a fair trade one), approximately 250 gr if you use drops
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (optional)

In a bowl, mix all the solid ingredients, in another all the liquid ones. Once these are well blended (especially the almond butter), add them to the solid ingredients, to form an homogeneous and compact mixture. Bake in a muffin mold at 180°C for about 20 minutes. I got about 20 cupcakes, depending on the size of the mold.

Chef: Effy659 from VeganBlog

  1. Spencer 16 March 2012 at 06:39

    They look delicious! I might have to try and recreate the recipe.

  2. acorn 20 March 2012 at 06:15

    I have to try these… 😛

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