Spinach+Tofu Ravioli

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Hi there! I haven’t posted anything for a while (ehm… a long while), and I take this chance to propose you something quite easy and tasty. As some of you may know, I left London last October – finally come back to Tuscany. Therefore, this was the first Easter I spent with my family, after four years… I mean, with plenty of time to share with them.
I started preparing the filling on Saturday, but actually you can do it in the same day, just allow for the filling to cool a bit before preparing your ravioli. With these doses I got 5 servings – about 30 ravioli.

Ingredients for the filling:
750 gr of spinach
200 gr of plain tofu
50 gr of liego (or gomasio + nutritional yeast flakes)
nutmeg, to taste (a lot, for me 🙂 )
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Ingredients for the dough:
150 gr of kamut flour
150 gr of wheat flour (mine was white, but next time I’m going to use brown flour)
2 tablespoons of white wine
water, as needed (in my case 1 cup was ok, but it really depends on the flours you use)
a pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of olive oil

Method for the filling:
In a pot, cook the spinach adding a little water if needed. All the water must dry out, as the filling must be compact and firm. Add tofu, roughly chopped, and “liego”. Not sure if you can find it where you live, but it’s just a mixture made of gomasio and nutritional yeast flakes, so if you can’t find it, just go for these two separately. Now that everything is well mixed, just blend it with a hand blender. You should get quite a compact mixture. Set it aside.

Method for the dough:
Mix the flours. Form a well and start adding white wine and water, mixing with a fork first and then with your hand. Never stop kneading – you’ll need a third hand…
You should get a firm dough, which you’ll let rest for a while (30 min), wrapped in a kitchen cloth in a nice and warm place. Now you can start rolling the dough out. I divided mine in four portions.

It came out quite thin, which is good – I think that kamut flour is more elastic than wheat flour. Anyway, start cutting out your ravioli with the tool you se in the pics. If you don’t have it, don’t panic, you might use a knife.

Start filling your ravioli, putting the filling in one square and placing another one on top; close them with a fork, pressing quite well or they will open when cooking.

Put a big pot of water on the heat and place the ravioli in when it starts boiling. They’ll be ready when they come on surface. My Mom prepared a delicious mushrooms sauce… vegan, of course.

I’m quite proud of myself, I have to say, as it was the first time I prepared ravioli and they came out so good 🙂

  1. melissa 12 April 2012 at 05:08

    OMG they must be so delicious!! I’ve always thought that making ravioli was quite long and difficult – you make things quite easy. I want to try them, thanks

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