The Happy Salami


It will not be as good as the one I posted last time, but believe me, it’s good! Great for filling sandwiches and as a snack, even out of home ;-)!

120 gr of wheat gluten
80 gr of lentil flour
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 beetroot
shoyu, to taste
water, as needed

Combine the flours, add the cooked and puréed beetroot, salt, cumin and enough water to get a consistency thick enough. Knead the dough and shape into a sausage shape. Roll the dough into a cotton cloth and tie the ends. Cook it in plenty of hot water and shoyu for about 40 minutes. Turn the heat off and pass the it under cold water, so you can remove the cloth. Let it cool and then roll it in a bit of flour, so as to give it the “salami” effect.

Nothing more simple, and certainly very nutritious, thanks to the proteins, amino acids and iron! 😀 So can you boast of your sandwich, without suffering and putrefaction, and if you ever happen to meet Sara around, you can tell her: I had a sandwich with the happy salami ;-)!

Chef: Romina from VeganBlog

  1. wendy 7 July 2012 at 06:46

    OMG, it’s quite impressive! you may also add whole black pepper grains 🙂
    seems good, I want to make it and let you know.

  2. melissa 12 July 2012 at 03:54

    it’s really impressive, I wonder what it tastes like – I’d probably add a bit of nutritional yeast flakes to give it more flavour, goes well with anything 🙂

  3. CMiller 13 July 2012 at 04:08
  4. Angela 11 December 2014 at 14:03

    fantastic! I’ll certainly try! 🙂

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