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Hi lovely people, I am Alessandra and I come from Tuscany. I definitly moved to London three years ago, though I really don't like to say "definitly", as you can never know what will happen to my crazy life. I strongly believe I will never go back to Italy, but I miss Italian cuisine quite a lot! I have been vegetarian for 15 years, almost vegan as I do not like eggs and I have a weird allergy to milk. What else could I say? I had an enthusiastic Erasmus experience at Kings College in London, I have studied Philosophy in Pisa, and I am currently doing a PhD in Applied Linguistics with Birkbeck College and University College of London. My project is the thing I love the most of myself, as I feel it like a real constituent of my personality, being something that directly ensues from my previous and actual experiences of life. In particular, my research is a cross-cultural analysis of lexical choices, emotions and communicative strategies in English native speakers-Italians' conversations. Hope is gonna be fruitful as well as interesting. What else? I like ballet, something which I am practicing since I was...honestly I do not remember...; I like contemporary art, but I can really appreciate every kind of art (from a classic painting at National Gallery to a Bansky graffiti in Regent's Canal); I like travelling and adventures more than any other thing, I like skiing, reading, ice-skating, I am chocolate-addicted, I need to watch Breakfast at Tiffanys at least once a month, I enjoy hanging out with friends, socializing and networking, I like summer rain, the smell of the sea, the summer and the wind, I like Nietzsche, I like fruit, bright colours and the weird green of my eyes, I like London and all the novels set in London, I like independency, every kind of passion, autonomy and respect, I like watching movies, I love cats...especially fat cats, spicy parfumes and food from all the world, I like freedom and ... well, so many things... I don't want to mention what I do not like, as it will start and endless-incredibly-boring list of insignificant things... Hope you will enjoy my recipes and my personality! Let me know whether you need to translate some recipes into Italian :) Peace, Love and Comprehension, Alex. In case you are interested in my research project you can contact me at [email protected]

Castagnaccio in UK: attempt n. 1

Castagnaccio is a very typical cake from Tuscany, made with delicious chestnut flour. I have decided to publish this...

Castagnaccio in UK: attempt n. 1
data: 24.01.12

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