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Hi there! My name is Eleonora, I'm an italian architect. I come from Siena, but I've been living in London since 2007. I've always been a vegetarian, I'd say, and I think I went vegan, beside for ethical reasons, as a healthy reaction to the "junk food" I'm surrounded by. In these years up here I've been trying out an digging into the potential of a huge variety of foods I didn't know when I was in Italy. Also, I have to say, I'm lucky enough to find here a lot of products (japanese, indian, middle-eastern, organic, fairtrade,...) just round the corner. I think cooking is fairly similar to Architecture: there is a structure at the base, there is the "genius", there's the unusual use of a traditional "material"; there's the particular "material" you woudn't expect to find, but without which the final dish wouldn't be the same. In my spare time I love reading, travelling, swimming, walking, riding my bicycle...and managing this website! I do believe this is a great reference for vegans and wannabe vegans, vegetarians and for all those who want to find out (and, of course, try out!) what the vegan-style means, in the kitchen and in the life. All comments will be therefore very much appreciated and encouraged, if polite and respectful. We would like this to be a relaxing and friendly place to talk about vegan food and recipes, and become friends - in the website and, why not, in the real life. Enjoy your meal then, and a warm welcome to everybody!

Spinach+Tofu Ravioli

Hi there! I haven’t posted anything for a while (ehm… a long while), and I take this chance to propose you...

Spinach+Tofu Ravioli
data: 10.04.12

Vegan Salami

Hi there! I’m back again after a while, as usual… this was a successful experiment, which me an my meat...

Vegan Salami
data: 27.09.11

Seitan Variations

Hi there! I found out that one of my favourite healthy shops sells packages of gluten proteins, which is basically...

Seitan Variations
data: 8.09.11

Eleonora’s “Cheese”...

Here I am, back again! I finally found the right recipe for the “kisscake”, remember this? although…...

Eleonora’s “Cheese”Cake Reloaded
data: 21.08.11

Eleonora’s KissCake

Hi there! It’s me again. This is the cake I brought to the office yesterday for my birthday. I spent the last...

Eleonora’s KissCake
data: 21.06.11

Bean Curd Lasagne

Hi there! Haven’t been posting anything for a while… I came back as I wanted to share something we found...

Bean Curd Lasagne
data: 20.06.11

Jackfruit My Way

Well, in the end we had to try it out! Some Saturdays ago (time flies…) we went to Brixton Market, in South...

Jackfruit My Way
data: 21.04.11

Rhubarb Jam

with carrot and rosemary. I’ve always loved rhubarb, first of all for its name, which when I was a kid made e...

Rhubarb Jam
data: 17.04.11

Tasty Shijtake

Good morning everybody! I haven’t posted anything for a while, lack of inspiration in the kitchen I’d say....

Tasty Shijtake
data: 31.03.11

Quinoa Milk

Well… we had run out of soy milk, we had plenty of quinoa… we had to try it! It came out really good,...

Quinoa Milk
data: 14.03.11

Banana Ketchup

… I had to try it! I saw it some days ago at Sainsbury’s and I got curious, and I told myself: the first...

Banana Ketchup
data: 6.03.11

Pasta e Fagioli

This is one of the most typical italian dishes. One of the region were it’s most popular is Tuscany, were I...

Pasta e Fagioli
data: 25.02.11

Fennel & Celeriac Creamy Soup

Hi there! I haven’t been posting anything for a while, but I’m still around :-). This is a very simple...

Fennel & Celeriac Creamy Soup
data: 18.01.11

Tasty Seitan

A delicious way to prepare seitan very quickly! Yesterday I came home quite late, I opened the fridge and I...

Tasty Seitan
data: 5.01.11


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