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Hi, I'm Nello. I was born in Salerno, where I live and work. I became vegan because I believe that all lives are precious. Animals are our friends! With our choices, we can change their destiny...

The ladybird

I dedicate this ladybird to all the chefs of 😉 Ingredients: pasta aubergine tomato basil oregano red...

The ladybird
data: 5.09.10

Roasted Aubergines

Ingredients: 1 kg aubergines 500 gr. tomatoes 100 gr. Gaeta olives (or black olives) 2 cloves garlic salt oregano 4 or...

Roasted Aubergines
data: 17.03.10

Fruit strudel

Hi, here I am!! I propose this as a first recipe.  It’s ideal for Women’s Day 😀 Ingredients: a roll...

Fruit strudel
data: 6.03.10

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