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Hi everybody! Here I am directly from the Italian website...7 months now that I'm vegan and I'm a bit proud of it :) Too bed I'm pretty busy with my job but, as soon as I can, I enjoy reading your recipes and comments and seeing how ingenious all of you are. My skills: cooking cakes...sweet tarts...biscuits...but always tring to avoid (or at least reduce the quantities) sugar and margarine! Have fun! Susi

Yogurt smoothie

Mirko’s raw breakfast recipe remembered me another recipe I saw in some months ago (I don’t find...

Yogurt smoothie
data: 5.05.10

Spring Time Bento Box

Hi to everybody ! ‘cause lack of time recently I’ve been preparing these simple and quick dishes. Nothing...

Spring Time Bento Box
data: 20.04.10

Vegan Pancakes

Hi there! This is my favorite weekend breakfast: these vegan pancakes are easy and quick to prepare so that I can take...

Vegan Pancakes
data: 2.04.10

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