Curried Tofu with Onions and Turmeric...

Here I am, back again. Fortunately, there are millions of millions of brand new and talented chefs (whom I greet), who...

Curried Tofu with Onions and Turmeric
data: 19.07.11 | chef:

Eleonora’s Lunchbox#3

As I told, this time I did better… or at least I tried to! My todays’ lunch is: cucumber spaghetti with...

Eleonora’s Lunchbox#3
data: 17.11.10 | chef:

Eleonora’s Lunchbox #2

This is actually a sort of excuse to show you my lunchbox… so girlish :-P. The recipe itself is really nothing...

Eleonora’s Lunchbox #2
data: 15.11.10 | chef:

Eleonora’s Lunchbox #1

Hi there! I haven’t been using my beloved Hello Kitty’s bento box for a while, God knows why. In the last...

Eleonora’s Lunchbox #1
data: 10.11.10 | chef:

Lia’s bento no. 1

Most days I bring my own lunch from home. It’s cheaper and tastier than eating out in cafés, and as a vegan I...

Lia’s bento no. 1
data: 27.05.10 | chef:

Spring Time Bento Box

Hi to everybody ! ‘cause lack of time recently I’ve been preparing these simple and quick dishes. Nothing...

Spring Time Bento Box
data: 20.04.10 | chef:

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